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The show is now closed. We hope you found a special someone to make your own!

BearHugs4U invites you to join us again for the next online Teddy Bear show

"Christmas In July" July 11-13, 2014 .

In the meantime, we hope to see some of you in person at a Teddy Bear show near you!!

"Bearied Treasures by Dolores"
Dolores Austin

"Babcock Bears"
Pat Berkowitch

"Cobblestone Creations"
Laura Majusiak

Marilyn Wagner

"JRB Creations"
Jeannette Bashore

"BugBee Bears"
Barbara Ayars

"My Apple Tree"
Cindy Malchoff

"Princess4Paws Designs & Creations"
Marge Wiese

Erin Roy

"Hager Bears"
Donna Hager

"TonniBears "
Marjan Jorritsma

"Heir Bears"
Jane Woodard

"Teddy Bears & Crafts"
Karen Murphy

"Cookie's Critters"
Donna Nielsen

"Bears by Armella"
Armella Dana

"Pam Holton Designs"
Pam Holton

"Teddy Bear Barn"
Allen Hsu

Diana Watts

"Honey Bug Bears"
Connie Stark

Beth Hutchison

"Martha's Bears"
Martha Burch

"Bearily Pawsing"
Donna Manthey

"The Bear Maker"
Pam Kisner

"Mary Dowd Bears"
Mary Dowd

Judy Eppolito

"Cumai Bears"
Bonnie Chang

Sue VanNattan

"Pinney Bears"
Meg Jackson

Lori Simon

"Barron Teddy Bears"
Sharon Barron

"Essential Bears"
Wendy & Megan Chamberlain

"Handmade by Carrie"
Carrie Wilmot

"Terrie's Bears"
Terrie Kalaputas

"Gilmurrudley Bears"
Jacquelyn Melerski

"Sersha Bears"
Serieta Harrell

"BearLuvr Creations"
Kim Zeman

"Notchlok Bears"
Sandra Czaja

"Janet Ann Anderson and Bears"
Janet Anderson

"Bear My Sole"
JoAnne O'Hanlon

"Teds 'n Such"
Tyler Crain

"Bears of the Abbey"
Sue & Mark McKay

Steve Schutt

"Bears by Donna Jean"
Donna Jean Fifarek

"Chantal Bears"
Chantal Giroux

"Elegant Creations"
Vicky Lougher

"Chatham Village Bears"
Art Rogers & George Weber

"Little Bear Guy"
Shane Elliott

"Lulu Bears"
Luann Bowen

Francesca Boretti

"Jingle Bears"
Jan Cuming

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Mark your calendars!

Join us for: March 7-9, 2014 "March Madness; July 11-13, 2014 "Christmas in July"; October 17-19, 2014 "OctoBEARfest"

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